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Shady guy in hoody and mask gripping someone else's laptop

How Do I Know If Someone Stole My Identity?

Identity theft usually goes undetected until well after the damage is done, which is one thing that makes it so scary. If you’re among the many Americans who wonder, “How would I even know if someone stole my identity?,” we are here to show you the warning signs. Read on...

1 dollar bill looking into mirror with reflection of 100 dollar bill

How Much Is My Identity Worth?

Identity theft is the #1 consumer crime in the United States, but what is it worth? And just how do identity thieves sell you? You might be surprised at the answers. In fact, sometimes, you are only worth $1.  


Identity For Sale: Your Bank Accounts, Your App Accounts...

Cartoon of elderly woman on smartphone with thief in view

​How to Protect Your Parents From Identity Theft

Many parents spend years of their lives worrying about their children, and when those same children become adults, the children worry about their parents – about their health, their quality of life and more.

 If you have elderly parents you probably worry about a number of things that are out...