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Freezing Your Credit Doesn’t Stop Identity Theft

The 2017 Equifax data breach was one of the most extensive data hacks this country has ever seen. In fact, this hack has compromised the personal information of over 148 million Americans.

 Equifax is one of three national credit bureaus and if you’ve ever applied for a loan or...

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6 Ways Millennials Become Victims of Identity Theft

Millennials are the most tech-and-internet-savvy generation. So what makes them more likely than any other age group to become victims of identity theft?1 For starters, millennials generally having a clean credit history that makes them lucrative targets for an identity thief. In addition, millennials are also: 

Highly likely to store...
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What Is Medical Identity Theft?

Medical Identity Theft is when someone fraudulently uses your personal information, such as your name, Social Security number, and/or medical insurance identity number to obtain medical goods or services, or to fraudulently bill for medical goods or services under your name.

According to the FBI, healthcare fraud costs the...

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6 Ways to Avoid a Phone Scam

In 2017, spam phone calls pose a greater threat than just annoyance. An estimated 35% of phone calls you receive on your landline or cell phone are robocalls, which are autodialed or prerecorded telemarketing calls. And among those calls are a new type of phone scam:

A Federal Communications Commission...

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How to Monitor Your Child on Social Media

Oversharing on social media puts your child’s identity and reputation at risk.

Because children are 51 times more likely to have their identity stolen (link to “Can Children Have Their Identities Stolen?” article) than adults, monitoring your child’s online presence is more important than ever. Your child’s identity can...